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37% of all deaths this year will be a result of a cardiovascular disease or incident and many more disabilities, such as strokes, will occur due to related episodes. This makes heart disease the number one killer and debilitator in the first world.

Despite medical advances in treatment, the prevalence and financial burden of cardiovascular disease in Australia and most of the developed world is expected to increase in the coming decades as global populations age. Yet heart disease remains one of the most preventable diseases known and can be slowed and often prevented simply with lifestyle changes, regular monitoring and supplements.

HeartSmart.me is all about empowerment. By providing excellent cardiovascular information, monitoring equipment and supplements, we have created a unique healthcare portal with easy access to all that’s needed for our users to take control of their cardiovascular health and significantly reduce their risk of developing cardiovascular disease enabling them to enjoy healthy and active lives for years to come.

Welcome to HeartSmart.me. We wish you the best of health!

The HeartSmart Team