About Doctor Field

Dr. Deborah Field - MBBS, B Med Sci, Grad Dip PHC

Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery, University of Tasmania (1984)

Graduate Diploma of Primary Health Care, University of Western Australia (1999)

Bachelor of Medical Science, University of Tasmania (1981)

Dr. Field is a general practitioner in Perth, Western Australia. She consults in a 10 doctor general practice in Palmyra, close to her Fremantle home.

In addition to clinical practice, her career has included research, medical politics and teaching medical students.

As a GP, she enjoys the satisfaction of assisting patients to empower themselves and firmly believes that if all patients got physically active for 30 minutes a day she would probably be out of a job.

As an inherent skeptic, she has watched with interest the increasing patient use of complementary and alternative medicine, much of which is not evidence based. Her involvement with HeartSmart.me has enabled her to critically examine the research around nutraceuticals and supplements. In particular, she searches for the rigorous scientific evidence base for those products that have been proven to have a role in the prevention of heart disease.